A Parents Guide to Senior Year!


A year of countless “Last Times” and thrilling “First Times.” The final stroll’s down the school hallways that have shaped the past four years of your child’s life will soon be nothing but a fog and this year also marks the last opportunity for you, as a parent, to be a part of those early morning drop-offs, afternoon pick-ups, and cheering for your child at their sporting events. I’m certain you’ve observed many “Final Moments” in your own families routines as the senior year started. The last first day of school came and went, and it’s can be scary to think of how rapidly the next chapter in your seniors life will approach.

But there’s more to this year than goodbyes; it’s a year of new beginnings. From tackling college applications and planning memorable graduation parties to dancing at homecoming and prom, the list is endless. Yet, above all, it’s about being there for your child as the ride the wave of their First and Last high school graduation—a milestone that fills you and your senior with pride.

For parents, Senior year can be filled with emotions. It’s a time of excitement, nostalgia, and bittersweet moments as the journey through high school comes to an end. This is a time to soak up as much time as you can with your Senior and spend some quality time before they head off to college or dive right in to the work force!

While my own children are still young, my work as a senior portrait photographer has allowed me to engage with numerous parents and seniors. Being a parent, I can’t help but think of how fast the the time must go by with the hectic schedules during a student’s senior year. It really got me thinking about how I need to spend more time with my own kids while they are still young and I decided to compile a list of enjoyable activities for you and your family to partake in during this special year. These ideas aim to maximize the time spent with your senior before the year ends and they move on to their next big chapter!

Here are some fun activities to consider during the final year of High School:

  • Plan a Road Trip: Take a road trip to a destination that you and your senior have always wanted to visit. A long car ride is always a great way to get lost in a conversation or a chance to sing really loud to your favorite songs!
  • Outdoor Adventure: Go on a camping, hiking, or backpacking trip. With the cooler weather approaching, well cooler for Florida standards, this is an awesome time to get out in the woods roast some marshmallows and enjoy a campfire with your family.
  • Movie Night: Have a movie marathon at home or head out to a catch a flick at the movie theatre with a giant bucket of popcorn. Let your senior choose their favorite movies, and soak up the time spent!
  • Game Night: Nobody is too old for Game night! Hours of real estate trading in a game of Monopoly can be super fun and the laughs shared will be instant memories!
  • Cook or Bake Together: Spend a day in the kitchen preparing a special meal or baking a family favorite desert. The kids loved this when they were little and I am sure they will still love spending this time with you now as well.
  • Memory Book: Create a Senior Year scrapbook together. Include photos, mementos, and notes from family and friends. This is a really fun way to bond while creating something that the family will enjoy for years.
  • Volunteer Together: Find a local charity or organization where you can volunteer as a team. Giving back to the community can be a rewarding experience and a great way to share some new memories.
  • Visit College Campus: You may already be planning this one but if not, take a trip to your senior’s college campus. Explore the campus, meet professors, and get a feel for their new environment. You can even make a weekend trip out of it if the school is not local, check out the local scene, hit some new restaurants, and do some site-seeing.
  • Shopping Spree: Go on a shopping spree! Take your senior out to their favorite store and splurge a bit on a some new clothes or items for college!
  • Spa or Relaxation Day: Treat your senior to a day of relaxation at a spa or wellness retreat. Massages, facials, or a even a day at the beach can provide some much needed relaxation and family bonding.
  • Cultural Outings: Attend a concert, a play, or a museum together. This can be even more fun when you have to travel to get there!
  • Family Photo Shoot: Before your Senior heads off to college and they wont be around as much, book a family photo session and grab some photos of The whole family together. This is a great addition to their senior portraits!
  • Letter Exchange: Write letters to each other about anything you want to say to each other. This is a good time to write down the emotional things that you just can’t seem to get out in words! Seal the letters up in envelopes and agree to read them for the first time the first week they are away at college.
  • Adventure Day: Plan an adventure day where you try something new, like zip-lining, hot air ballooning, or para-sailing!
  • Younger Siblings: If your Senior has younger siblings, get them involved with an activity too – May be you all can paint a fun mural on the younger siblings bedroom wall – That is sure to spark memories for the little ones and can be a fun project for you all! Or may be you all plant a garden together!
  • Storytelling Night: Share stories from your own college experiences or family history. This can be an awesome way to connect with eachother!

Wrapping it up

Remember that the most important thing is spending quality time together and showing your support as your senior prepares to leave for college. These activities can help create new memories, new “First Times” and also bond in a new way as your Senior is reaching adulthood.

Aa mentioned earlier in this post, a family photo session is a great way to spend some time with the whole family and get some amazing photos of the whole family together! It may be a while before you can easily have everyone together once your Senior is off to college. Contact us if you would like more info on booking a family photo session or a senior portrait session. We would love to hear from you!


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