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Every portrait session is meticulously crafted to align with the your unique preferences, involving detailed consultations on styling, ideal locations, and your individual personality.

On the day of the portrait session, a fun and relaxed atmosphere awaits, inspiring confidence without any rush to finish by a certain time.

Our editing approach prioritizes natural colors and avoids excessive processing, resulting in a timeless aesthetic that stands the test of time.

not your ordinary portrait session

This is a time celebrate! You have waited a long to for your senior year. You deserve it!
You owe it to yourself to dive in and enjoy a senior portrait experience like no other!

Let's face it. You are only a HS senior once. We don't want you to let this moment slip away. This is a time to document the essence of YOU and what you have become over this long journey through school.

Imagine a photo session where you are guided each step of the way. with a photographer brimming with passion to provide you with the best photos you can imagine. A photo session of your DREAMS!

This isn't an ORDINARY photo session. No awkward poses. No forced smiles.
It's a photo session focused around the REAL YOU!

Keep scrolling to learn more about what sets us apart from the ordinary.

it is your time to shine!

Simplify Your Planning with
434 as your Ultimate Session Guide

All your major session concerns are taken care of by us!

A photographer by your side who will address every aspect of your session. This starts with our initial discovery call where we learn more about you and your ideas, a pre-session questionnaire, and a personalized consultation before your session.

We are hear to guide you on;

  • Wardrobe
  • Hair and Makeup
  • Locations
  • Props
  • Themes
  • Best time of day or season & more

Throughout the entire journey, we provide the guidance necessary to ensure your comfortable and that your photos will be as EXTRAORDINARY as you are! We make it EASY!

A Portrait Session to REMEMBER!

After we have gotten to know you, planned your session with the perfect outfits, location, and props. The day of your session will finally arrive and we will make it one to remember! 

Our sessions can take up to two hours and sometimes longer if we are digging the vibe.  We take our time so that we can stay relaxed, explore the location, and leave time for outfit changes and makeup retouches. We don't want to rush through your shoot. 

We want to place you in the best lighting possible during the session. We are able to find beautiful natural light in almost every situation and if we can't we simply bring our own! We bring enough studio grade lighting to your session so we can put you in the best light day or night. This is important and gives us an edge over some of the "natural light only" photographers you may encounter.

If you are worried about posing, Don't be. We have a lot of tricks up our sleeves to make you look AND FEEL natural in front of the camera. It is our job to bring out your true personality in your photographs. We got you covered!

Are you camera shy in general, By the end of the session you will feel like a seasoned pro and realize how easy it all was and you may want to book another shoot!

Timeless editing and fast turnaround time

Our editing style is timeless, classy and natural. We bring out the natural colors of the scene and do not over-process your photos with the latest "photo filter" fad. We strive for perfection in our editing without fear of your photos looking out dated 20, 30, 50, 60 YEARS from now! 

All of your curated photos will be 100% retouched by hand to make sure any blemishes, flyaway hairs and any other imperfections from the scene are removed. 

All photographs are produced on professional grade equipment, edited on the latest and greatest software, and printed with the finest labs in country. 

We are able to provide all of this with an extremely fast turnaround where we can reveal your photos in a 7-10 day period, sometimes even sooner!

You will not be waiting months to see your photos! 

Printed artwork to pass down for generations

Our printed artwork options are unique, fun, and most of all timeless. They are the perfect way to display your photographs on a coffee table, a fireplace mantle, or the walls of your home. 

We have an in person visit with you to go over custom design of you printed artwork, available options, and a full consultation on sizing and placement of artwork on the walls of your home. and we can customize everything exactly as you like it right there at our consultation!

And the great thing about your printed artwork, we include a corresponding digital file for every print you purchase. For example, if you purchase an album with 30 printed images, you get those 30 digital files for free! 

No matter what option you would for displaying your artwork, we are here to help you decide and customize your design to create your DREAM artwork vision!

Our process consists of 4 main steps. Click through each step to learn more about what sets us apart!

our step by step process 

step 1. gET TO KNOW YOU!



The first step is the "get to know you step" This is probably the most important part of our process. Here is how it will go! 

  • Set up a call with you and your parent(s) to chat about session ideas, your interests, and key details of your DREAM session. I'll also share a bit about myself to ensure we're not strangers on the session day.

  • Soon after, I'll send you and your parent(s) a thorough pre-session questionnaire. It's packed with vital details I need – like location, outfits, colors, and more – crucial for our upcoming session. While detailed, it's a vital step, as we'll apply this info shortly after you complete it

  • Having received your form, we'll arrange another call – a pre-session consultation. During this call, we'll discuss your questionnaire responses and meticulously plan your session. We'll confirm dates, including a rain date, decide on the location, wardrobe, hair & makeup, and cover all aspects of your shoot.

  • After this call feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or changes!


We will meet at your desired location at the scheduled time and begin your session! Plan for at least 2 hours of session time and plan on doing some walking as we explore the location for the best spots! 
Some tips for the day of your session:
  • Get plenty of rest the night before and stay hydrated!
  • Make sure you schedule enough before your photo session to account for traffic and parking. Sometimes we are scheduling a session around a specific time of day for the proper lighting, so it's important to be on time!
  • Bring a bluetooth speaker if you would like to listen to some music during the session! 
  • Be prepared to have FUN! 

This is it! the day we've planning for!

STEP Three


Around 7-10 days post-session, we'll schedule a face-to-face meeting, often held at your home.

During this reveal meeting, you'll experience the emotion of seeing your photos for the first time – be ready for a few tears!

The meeting includes a stunning slideshow showcasing all your images and a sample photo album design I've prepared. Alongside, you'll view the diverse array of artwork samples, each reflecting craftsmanship.

This is the moment to consider artwork purchases, finalize designs, and receive personalized guidance on wall-sized pieces and display options. It's a delightful opportunity to explore the exciting possibilities!

the photo reveal

STEP four


Once you've made your artwork selections, we'll send your orders to our Lab for printing and production. The handmade nature of these products means completion might take a few weeks, but I assure you, the wait is well worth it.

Once everything is ready, I'll organize the delivery of your products to your home. This can be arranged through FedEx, UPS, or sometimes, I'll personally bring them to your doorstep! I absolutely cherish hand-delivering your artwork and witnessing the joy on your face as you see your incredible photos in print.

That's the entire process! Our approach ensures stunning portraits and exquisite handmade artwork for generations to come in your home. We're truly passionate about what we do and are dedicated to creating the best photo experience of your life.

final delivery




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What are you MISSING OUT on

by not doing SENIOR PHOTOS?


  • Preserving your legacy
  • Self confidence and expression
  • Family heirloom keepsakes
  • Documenting a personal milestone of growth
  • Social Media worthy images
  • A HS tradition!
  • Sense of closure of your HS career.

Your senior year is important! Let's Celebrate!

You are only a senior once. Senior photos are a once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase what you have become, your unique style and your extraordinary personality. You owe is to yourself and your family to document this important milestone in your life! 

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If you value real photographs, cherish authenticity, and acknowledge the importance of capturing life's journey through images. Let's have a conversation. 

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