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Hey there! So, you're getting ready for your senior portraits, huh? That's awesome! Here's the ultimate guide with tips and ideas to help you rock your senior portrait session and make those photos totally YOU. 📸

First and foremost, these portraits are all about showcasing you, so embrace your style and personality. You are an amazing individual with a unique personality - Let yourself shine in your photos. You will be so happy you did when you look back on these photos in your adult life.  How exactly can you be yourself in photos? Take a look at this blog post for some great tips on How to be yourself in front of the camera.

Plan out a mix of outfits that reflect your vibe. Think about casual options, something a little more dressy and everything in between. Sports and private school uniforms can be unique ideas and a classic cap and gown can add variety as well! Read our what to wear page for more details!

Outfit changes are fun and add a great variety to your photos BUT it is not always practical to change clothes during a session, especially if we are at a location with no where to change. Accessories can add just as much variety and can be simple as a Hat, cool belts, jackets, some wild earrings or maybe some funky new shoes! Visit our Accessories page for more info! 

As they say in real estate location is everything and while that is great for real estate it isn't the final word in portraits. The focus is on you! When it comes to photography you can pick the most beautiful location in the world but if the lighting is poor at that the time of day for your session, the location won't matter much. Pick a location that is important to you, matches your personality or has a special meaning. We have some great location choices in our Top Locations in Orlando page

You can totally go for the whole hair and makeup thing if it fits your vibe. Many senior girls are absolutely AMAZING as doing their own hair and makeup, But if you're more of a natural beauty, that's awesome too! And for the guys you can always opt for a fresh haircut or trim, but try to get it done a few days before the session. 

Ahh. The golden hour, a photographers favorite light! You should always aim for shooting during golden hours of the day, either early morning or in the evening. This is time to get that beautiful natural soft light. However, mother nature doesn't always cooperate, so sometimes we have to make our own light and that can be amazing too!

Don't worry, you don't need to be a supermodel. Your photographer will work with you on poses that feel natural and show you in your best light!

Practice your poses and smile in front of a Mirror! It helps! Bonus points if you wear you planned outfits!

If you play a Guitar, BRING IT! How about Ukulele? BRING IT! Love a sport? Bring your jersey or a ball!  Maybe you have a furry or scaly friend, bring them along! Anything you can think of that represents YOU will add a personal touch AND help you feel a little more relaxed in front of the lens! 

Did a pimple make an unexpected arrival just before your session?? DON'T PANIC! Most photographers will remove these blemishes. It is important to not cake on make up to try to hide it, it can make it worse and harder to remove!

Love the summer? or maybe Autumn is your favorite season. Make sure you book your photographer well in advance for the time of season you are looking to schedule! Peak times book up early and you don't want to miss your spot!

The friends you made throughout high school are important to you so why not bring them along? It is great to have moral support of your bestie to help you stay at ease in front of the camera, and let's bring them in for a few photos! When is the last time you got a professional photo with you Bestie?

Your photos are all about YOU but Family and friends will LOVE to see your photos, share some prints with grandma, add them to a graduation announcement, and go ahead drop them on Instagram! Visit our blog post on Printed Photos vs. digitals and our blog post on what to do with your senior pictures.

  • Before the day of your session, make a playlist of some of your favorite songs! It will be fun to listen to your favorite music while we take your photos! 
  • Wear a perfume or cologne you never wore before on the day of your session, every time you wear in the future you will be reminded of your session and how much fun you had! 
  • Incorporate your school colors with your outfits!
  • Stay hydrated before and during your session and don't forget to get rest before the session!
  • Flip through some of your favorite magazines or blogs, maybe browse pinterest for some of your favorite poses and try to do them in front of a mirror. 
  • Bring your car if you  would like some photos with your first set of wheels!

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Glam Up (or Not)

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Bring your BFF

Sharing is Caring

Bonus Tips!

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