Preparing for your Senior Portrait Session

It is time start preparing for your senior portrait session! What do I wear?? Where do I want to Photograph my session??? So many questions can pop up when you begin planning your session!!

I put together this blog post to help Seniors get ready for their senior portraits and give some tips that I feel will help your session go smoothly and make sure we get the most out of our session and make you shine in front of the camera!

What to wear?

Choosing your outfits is an important part of preparing for your senior portrait session and the number one most common asked question I receive. You want to pick clothes that will make you feel comfortable and confident but still reflect your personal style. Consider bringing some variety and plan for some outfit changes the day of your session. We can start with the classic graduation cap and gown if you would like those portraits. It is important to plan for some dressy and casual options. In addition to this, consider doing a few shots in your football or baseball uniform, maybe your cheerleading outfit, or even a marching band uniform.

When choosing your outfits, think about the colors you choose and try to accessorize with some jewelry, a light jacket, or some cool shoes.

It is important to stay away from busy patterns and Logos that may not photograph well. Ultimately, Be comfortable and be YOU! We can always assist with outfit choices if you need assistance! We are more than happy to give you some ideas!

what to wear when preparing fro your senior portrait session

Hair and Makeup!

Your Senior portraits are such an important event during your high school career. You want to make sure you look your best for your session. You should consider investing in a professional hair and make-up stylist for the day of your session. This is not mandatory for you session, but if you choose to do so, not only will you get amazing results in your photos, it will be fun to make a day out of your session. Get pampered at a salon, then maybe go out for a nice night out with friends or family after your session for a fancy dinner or night out on the town! If you need recommendations, we can recommend a few great stylists to work with you for your session.

For the guys, it is recommended to get a nice haircut or a trim before you session so your hair looks fresh and tight. For those with facial hair, A fresh shave, shaping and beard trim is equally important and can make a huge difference in your photos. A nice luxurious barber sharp visit before your session can make you feel like a million bucks and help keep you relaxed for your session!

professional hair and makeup and preparing fro your senior portrait session


Living in Florida, we are lucky to live in a place that has so many beautiful locations! Central Florida is loaded with beautiful parks, natural springs, beaches, lakes, farms, and city-scapes! The options are pretty much endless and can sometimes be a bit overwhelming! We have a list of our favorite locations in Central Florida, you can check this out for some Ideas!

When choosing your location, consider a location that reflects your personality and style! We also want to consider the time of day and in the weather for the location you choose. We can have some nasty afternoon rain storms in Florida during the summer months. Keep that in consideration for the location you choose.

Photographing on your high school or future local college campus is also a great option. It can make for some real memorable photos to look back on throughout the years! You can also call around to some of your favorite shops, restaurants, and other locations and see if they will allow us to photograph on their property!

Just like everything else mentioned, we want the photos to be about you! So pick a location that is near and dear to your heart!

location is key when preparing fro your senior portrait session


I know that this can be the most difficult part of a session for some seniors and why wouldn’t it be! If you are not a model, it can be intimidating to have a giant camera pointed in your face with big fancy lights flashing on you. Having a photographer telling you to stand in awkward positions that you never did before, all while doing this in public with a possible audience! Scared yet??? DON’T BE!! We are here to have fun and have an enjoyable experience! I will offer gentle guidance on how to pose for camera and will direct you from your nose to your toes! By the end of the session you will feel like a model and you will be shocked at how easy it all was!


Sometimes posing can be so much easier if you have a prop! A musical instrument, a flower, a football, whatever it is that you love and would like to incorporate with your session!!

Don’t be afraid to try some poses at home in front of a mirror! You can even do a test drive in some of your outfit choices. You may find that you are more comfortable in one outfit or another.

In the session below this senior brought her guitar. It definitely helped breaking the ice for the session and I could tell she immediately became more comfortable when she took the guitar out 🙂

props are a great addition to preparing fro your senior portrait session

Rest and Hydration!

Try to get some rest the night before your session! We are going to spend a couple of hours on location, we may do some walking, and sometimes. We may walk back and forth to a spot as the light changes.

Keep in mind we are in Florida! It is HOT! Keep yourself hydrated and don’t forget to bring some water with you to the session! It will help to take small water breaks, especially in the summer months.


This is the absolute most important part of preparing for your senior portrait session!!! RELAX! This is a fun time! Cherish it! I know after reading this post you may feel overwhelmed in prepping for your session, but it is not the intention at all!! We feel being prepared is important to a successful session. I want to cover all basis so you can have a session focused (yes, I did that) around you! There is absolutely no need feel stressed or overwhelmed about how you are going to look in your photos or feeling awkward in front of the camera. I will take care of that. My job is to make you comfortable and put you in your best light possible!

During your session we will have fun! I am not the type of photographer with a bland personality who will point a camera at you, click and move on. No! We will chat a bit (probably alot of chatting), I will encourage you along the way, show some of the photos on the back of my camera, and We will be laughing our butts most of the time! I promise you will have a photo shoot experience like you never had before!

I can’t wait to photograph your senior portrait session!!

If you would like more information on preparing for your Senior Portrait Session. If you would like more information on pricing and availability please contact us .

Check out our portfolio for more of our senior portrait sessions!

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