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When making plans for a portrait session whether or it's a High School Senior portrait shoot, a family portrait session, or even an engagement session; deciding on the proper spot for your photos may be hard. With so many locations to choose from in Orlando and the surrounding areas of Central Florida, selecting a location can sometimes take the fun out planning your portrait session. And this is one of the reasons we created this list. 

Luckily, planning a portrait session inside the Orlando, FL area your you have so many awesome options! Orlando and the surrounding areas of Central Florida is full of variety and can make your portrait session fun and memorable. From the gorgeous state parks, lakes, and the various historic downtown areas all of the way to the sandy beaches of the Atlantic coast, Central Florida gives a many options in your portrait shoot

he truth is, with so many choice-- it can be difficult to select an appropriate location for a photoshoot in Central Florida, and that is a good problem to have!! But, you absolutely can't move go wrong with any of the places listed in the article. While the list is not the only options you have, we hope that this list will get you brainstorming on the perfect place for your session - whether you select one from this list or the locations or find another hidden gem in the area. Keep in mind, some of these places might not be the most "popular", but in my opinion as a photographer, these are the some of the BEST!

Best Photoshoot locations in the Central Florida Area

Downtown Winter Park

Downtown Winter Park is a gorgeous location for any portrait session. It is one of our favorite locations to work because of the incredible amount of diversity to the landscape. It can cater to almost any style portrait session.

If you are looking for a nice park setting with beautiful trees, lush green grass and interesting architecture, central park is an amazing spot, especially for families, Or, maybe a chic urban vibe is more your thing, then heading down park avenue and using the swank shops, eateries and brick lined streets as a backdrop would work great! For Seniors, the small alleyways and plazas make for a wonderful setting with outdoor tabes and chairs placed in random locations, old brick buildings filled with character and splashes of color all around. 

Another area to mention in the Downtown Winter Park area is The Rollins College Campus, I was going to give this location it's own spot on the list, but being that is essentially in Downtown Winter Park, I felt it was more fitting to list it with Winter Park as a whole. Although Rollins College is a GORGEOUS spot for portraits, it is worth mentioning that there is a permit fee required to photograph at this location, I believe at this time of writing it is currently set at $250. So keep that in mind if you are planning on photographing at the campus.

As much as I Love Winter park it does have one down fall and that is it can get very crowded on weekends or when there is an event going on. So parking can be very limited, and the crowds could limit the photo opportunities available. So with that said, it is important to plan ahead for your portrait session in Downtown Winter Park.

If you would like to learn more about Downtown Winter Park take a look at the full details on what Winter Park has to offer on our Winter Park Page

Downtown Mount Dora

This list would not have been complete if I didn't mention Mount Dora. This location is absolutely stunning and has so much variety that it may truly be the number best place for a portrait session in the Orlando Area. 

Mount Dora has so much to offer you for your portrait session. The downtown area with its brick lined streets, giant oak trees covered in spanish moss, and the gorgeous lake front area where you will witness some of the most amazing sunsets you have ever seen. If that wasn't enough, for the nature lovers you can head over to the boardwalk across the street. from Gilbert Park and be surrounded by tropical Florida woods with picturesque views of the lake. 

Families, Seniors and couples alike will enjoy the gorgeous downtown area, beautiful lake views, and serene parks throughout the city. No matter what backdrop your looking for in your next outdoor photo shoot, Mt. Dora will likely have you covered!

Visit our Mount Dora Page for detailed information on Mount Dora.

Solary Park Oviedo

Sometime the best place for a portrait session are the smallest, off the beaten path type of spots and that is exactly what Solary Park is. Many photographers like to go to the larger parks for photoshoots, such as Lake Eola Park, but I find those parks to be a bit too busy to really capture that location in great detail. 

Solary park is located in the Heart of Old Oviedo. Just off the Round about on Franklin St. This is one of my top locations for several reasons.

  1. It is generally quiet and usually very empty. Most times of day you can literally be the only person here! 
  2. There is a very clean public bathroom on site so outfit changes can be easily done. 
  3. Plenty of parking and some great places to grab a bit to eat, all within walking distance.
  4. The park is beautiful. The center point of the park is a large pond with a a huge boardwalk surrounding the majority of the lake. Surrounding by beautiful trees, lush green grass, and the lighting at this location can be absolutely breathtaking depending on the time of day. 

This is surely one of my favorite locations and definitely worth checking out if you don't mind come out to Oviedo! Check out the Solary Park page for a full write up! 

Little Big Econ State Forest

If you LOVE the outdoors and looking for something completely different, the Little Big Econ State forest should be on your short list. 
There are several entrances to the area, but my favorite is the Barre St. entrance. Plenty of parking and access to some of the best spots in the forest.

This spot can be absolutely perfect for Families of all sizes and for seniors, but even couples will love the wide variety of landscape this location has to offer. With large open grass fields can be and awesome spot to bring some cool props and beautiful trails with great views of the river you are sure to find some amazing backdrops to your photos. 

The light usually filters through the forest canopy and creates an absolute gorgeous quality of light almost any time of day making the forest the perfect spot for photos for the nature lover.

Avalon Park

Avalon park is a beautiful, VERY LARGE planned community in East Orlando that features a beautiful downtown area, wooded parks, and quaint neighborhoods. The Downtown area is filled with gorgeous architecture and great storefronts with a clean urban feel, which make for a beautiful backdrop, especially for Seniors, but There are many parks and ponds scattered through out the development that make a perfect backdrop for family sessions. Sometimes the neighborhood street can make a great backdrop as well. There are so many beautiful homes in the neighborhoods with meticulously manicured landscaping, surrounded by natural Florida landscape. 

If you are looking for a quiet location with a wide range of backdrops for you next photo session, Avalon park needs to be on your list! 

Rock Springs at Kelly Park

Before I relocated to Orlando, I visited at least 50 times throughout the years and in all of those visits I NEVER went to a spring. In fact I didn't even know they existed. The first time I visited a spring I was in awe. I didn't know that there was this much beauty in the Central Florida area. 

There are so many different natural springs in Florida, and a large handful of choices in central Florida, but my favorite is Rock Springs at Kelly Park is my favorite. The rock formations around the springs is gorgeous, the crystal clear water is so inviting, and the surrounding wooded areas add an additional flavor for your photos. 

Senior Portraits, Couples sessions, Family sessions and even elopement photos will be equally at home at Rock Springs. If you are a nature lover, you will absolutely love it.

Check out the full details at the Rock Springs page!
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