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When prospective portrait photography clients reach out to me undecided on a location to photograph their portraits, the first thing I recommend is Winter Park's Downtown area. Why? Because Winter Park's downtown area is one of the most picturesque locations in Central Florida.  It offers a blend of timeless charm and chic vibe. The tree-lined streets and cobblestone paths, along with the preserved architecture of historic buildings really make Winter Park an amazing place with enough spots to explore for a portrait session of any type. 

It is not only the main strip of Park Avenue that make Downtown Winter Park so attractive. There are other areas in the downtown area that can be fun and offer so much variety to your photos. 

The train station in Winter Park is one of my favorite spots in Winter Park. It has an old world charm to it and makes for a great backdrop to senior portraits especially. The Benches along the platform and the train tracks are always interesting to add to a photo and if you are lucky enough to get a train stop while we are shooting, you can capture the beautiful, vibrant colors of the the Florida Sun Rail train in your photos! The other thing I like about the train station is it is pretty central to all other areas of Downtown Winter Park including Park Ave, Central Park, and Rollins college. Thirdly, The train station is one of the best places to park when visiting the area. 

One of the most beautiful spots of downtown Winter Park is Rollings College. The campus is a true hidden gem. with lush greenery, cozy nooks, and cool architecture that adds personality to your pictures. Whether you're going for a laid-back casual look in your photos or modern chic vibe, Rollins College will provide a backdrop to truly make your portraits pop.

Central Park is a great spot for families, especially during the week when it is less crowded. The lush green grass, live oak trees, and beautiful architecture make for a gorgeous backdrop that will truly showcase your photos. It works great for families because the kids can get some break to run around a bit, and mom and dad can take a quick break to sit on a bench and enjoy a coffee from one of the local shops. 

Downtown Winter Park is not the only spot within the City of Winter Park that is great. There are some other locations in the area that you may enjoy as well. And each has its own vibe. Here are few more spots to consider near the Historic downtown area. 

Kraft Azalea Garden: Known for its majestic cypress trees and serene lake views, this garden provides an enchanting backdrop for portraits, especially during golden hour. 
Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens: A mix of indoor galleries and outdoor sculptures create an artsy setting that's great for capturing both cultural and nature-inspired shots.
Mead Botanical Garden: This lush garden offers a variety of flora, including tropical plants, butterfly gardens, and peaceful walking paths that lend themselves well to nature-themed photography.
Casa Feliz Historic Home and Venue: Spanish farmhouse-style venue showcases timeless architecture and offers a charming setting for both interior and exterior portraits.I have never shot a session here but it is on my to-do list! Any takers? 

Some things to consider when choosing Downtown Winter Park as your photoshoot location:

Crowds. Winter park can be VERY crowded, especially on a weekend. Working around crowds for you photo session can be difficult and can make it difficult to utilize all that the area has to offer. We highly recommend scheduling a session at this location on a weekday.
Parking, With the crowds that winter park draws, parking can be a challenge on a weekend. So if you do choose a weekend session keep parking in mind and allow time to find a place to park. On a weekday we have found the train station in Winter park to be a great location to park. 
Holidays. Holidays in Winter Park are gorgeous and bring many events and sights to the area and once again, this brings in some crowds from all over the central Florida area. The holidays can be an amazing time to photograph in this location, and can be worth working around the crowds of people.

I hope this article give you some ideas for your next portrait session. It can really be difficult to pic the best spot for your portrait session, so If you would like some other Ideas, visit our Best Orlando Photoshoot Locations guide for more great locations in the Central Florida area. 

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