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Rock Springs
Kelly Park

Rock springs at kelly park
Apopka, FL

Hey there, nature lover! So, let me spill the beans about Rock Springs at Kelly Park – it's like a hidden oasis of PURE awesomeness. You know those days when you just wanna escape the hustle and bustle? Well, this place is your ticket to paradise. Crystal-clear springs that'll make your jaw drop, lush green surroundings that forget your only a short car drive to Orlando. The vibe of this place just screams "chillax." Trust me, if you're all about dipping your toes in some seriously refreshing water and unwinding in a seriously stunning setting, Rock Springs is where it's at for your next portrait session.

Rock Springs is an absolute gem when it comes to portrait sessions, and let me tell you why it's a photographer's dream. First off, the natural beauty is off the charts. The crystal-clear springs, surrounded by greenery and rock formations along the banks, create a stunning backdrop for any portrait session. The vibrant colors and serene atmosphere set the perfect mood for capturing both vibrant and tranquil shots. If you are a senior looking for something different, a family that wants to make a fun day out of your portrait session by adding an activity after the shoot, or a couple needing some gorgeous engagement photo or celebrating a wedding anniversary. This is such an amazing spot.

The lighting? The way the sunlight filters through the trees and sparkles on the water creates this magical, diffused glow that's pure gold. Whether you're shooting in the golden hours of dawn or dusk, or even during the day with the shade from the trees, Rock Springs offers versatile lighting conditions that can really make your portraits pop.

This it the type of place that will really help you relax in front of the camera.  With plenty of spaces to explore and interact with, it's really easy to. The tranquil setting can help create a sense of calm and authenticity, resulting in more genuine and heartfelt expressions.

As amazing as Rock Springs is, there some things to take in to consideration when planning a session at this location. 

  1. This location can get extremely busy, especially in the summer months. So busy that there is a car line a mile long to get in and if you do not get there early enough you may not even get in. I recommend arriving at least an hour before the park open and wait in line. So this is a morning session in the summer months. During the off-peak times It is usually easier to get in especially on a weekday. 
  2. The crowds inside can be a little distracting, but it is such a large location that we can usually work around this. 
  3. There is a fee to enter. Not much but something to consider, $3 per vehicle for 1-2 people; $5 per vehicle for 3-8 people; and $1 for additional person/walk-ins/motorcycles/bikes.

Rock Springs at Kelly Park is my favorite natural spring in the area but there are also other springs in the area to consider.

  1. Blue Springs state park in Orange city. 
  2. DeLeon Springs
  3. Wekiva Falls in Sorrento

I personally enjoy Rock Springs the most, but you may like other springs better. Whatever you choose, I hope this article gives you some ideas for your next portrait session. If the springs aren't for you, check out some other Ideas at the Best Orlando Photoshoot Locations page

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