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A Guide to enhancing Up Your outfits with accessories

So you picked out your outfit for your senior portraits, and you want to nail the perfect look. We're talking about those little details that make a big difference – accessories! They're the secret sauce that can take your outfit from "meh" to "wow." In this guide, we're going to chat about how to choose the right accessories for your next portrait session – no fancy fashion degrees required. 

Let's kick things off by talking about your outfit. It's the canvas, and your accessories are the paint. No matter what look your are going for, the accessories you choose should compliment the outfit you will be flaunting at your shoot. 

Start with your outfit!

Know the vibe you are going for.

Every photoshoot has a vibe, right? Light and Airy vibe? Casual? Sporty?  Your accessories should match with the mood of the shoot. For example, if you are going for a classic look in your photos, say a white shirt and jeans, formal gold or diamond necklaces don't really fit the vibe - instead, choose a fun colorful sneaker or maybe some subtle earrings or a cool hat. 

Your accessories should match the overall vibe you are going for in any photo session. 

Less is More

In most cases,  less can be more. You don't want to be a walking jewelry store unless that is you and the vibe you are going for! In most cases though,  Keep it simple and pick a few accessories that pop without hogging the spotlight, becasue that spotlight is you! 

This portrait highlights at hat as an accessory and really pulls the whole outfit together. 

Flaunt your

Use accessories to show off your best features. Do you have Killer eyes? Rock some eye-catching earrings. A necklace can draw attention to your collarbone, Or how about a hat? A hat can help you frame your face and also double as a prop and give you something to hold in your hands too! 

Bracelets and Watches

Delicate bracelets or a stack of bangles can add a subtle and stylish touch to your wrists. They can be especially true if your portrait includes shots with your hands. 

And for the guys (or girls) a classic wristwatch can add a sense of class and sophistication to your photos and it is a timeless option. 


If you wear prescription glasses and you have a multiple frames, wear your favorite frame to match your outfit! 

Sunglasses can be another cool accessory that can add a sense of coolness to your photos, there are so many awesome options when it comes to eyewear! You can choose different color lenses, different frame colors and styles, big, small or even different shapes!

These pink butterfly glasses matches perfectly with the top worn in this photo.

Family Heirlooms

Maybe you have a special necklace that belonged to grandma, or maybe dad gave you his vintage wristwatch, whatever that item may be a family heirloom piece can be a perfect option to add to your photos! 


Sporting equipment for your favorite sport is a great accessory and doubles as a prop. Golf clubs, basketballs, a football helmet. 
Or maybe you want to show off your varsity jacket or your hockey jersey! 

When it comes to sports you can have accessories, props and a whole outfit planned! Great Choice!

Shawls and Wraps

A shawl or wrap can look absolutely beautiful when worn of your outfit. It can add a huge amount of variety to your photos and can give you something to interact with during the session. 
Another option is to replace the wrap with a flag -- A good Ole' USA flag, school flag or your state flag! Florida happens to have one of the coolest looking state flags ever and could make a perfect addition some Flo-Grown photos! 

For more Senior Portrait tips visit Our Tips and Ideas page for more valuable info to help prepare for your next session! 

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